Accounts commands

Account creation

To create a new account

ironfish accounts:create

Default account

To change the default account used by the CLI

ironfish accounts:use MyAccount

Import an Account

To import an account from a file:

ironfish accounts:import filename

To import an account via stdin:

echo {<account json>} | ironfish accounts:import

Enter the JSON of the account and press enter

To import an account interactively:

ironfish accounts:import

Enter the details requested by the prompts

Export an Account

To export an account to a file:

ironfish accounts:export AccountName filename

To export an account to the terminal:

ironfish accounts:export AccountName

See current default account

To display the current default account used by the CLI

ironfish accounts:which

Accounts list

To see the list of accounts on your node

ironfish accounts:list

Account key

To see a specific account public key

ironfish accounts:publickey

Account balance

To display the balance of the account

ironfish accounts:balance

Account deletion

To delete an account

ironfish accounts:remove MyAccount

Send a transaction

To send a transaction from the current account

ironfish accounts:pay

Rescan transactions

To reset your wallet and attempt to rebuild it from scratch

ironfish accounts:rescan